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Theft from construction sites accounts for a sizeable amount of the cost of a new structure. Why undertake any of these costs when you can get a temporary 24/7 surveillance system and physical security officers on-site to protect your entire site at every stage of construction?


Core Facilities security solutions are tailored to offer maximum protection for each site's specifications and aligned to give you the level of security you want at every critical construction milestone.

Our high-quality CCTV, Alarms and Access Control systems are designed to stop crime, not simply record it. The presence of the cameras may help deter vandals or prevent theft by disgruntled workers which can impact your bottom line.


Keep a close eye on your site from anywhere. Learn how your employees are working to construction site’s resource usage level. Monitor everything from employee gear to correct usage of tools and gadgets.


Flexible enough to meet your sites unique needs

Trained security officers for progressive crisis management.

Manage your site remotely.

Residential or Commercial – no matter what security challenges you face, we have dedicated teams who will access and customise the best possible solution for you.

Core Facilities temporary construction site security offers each of our customers the dual benefit of advanced technology and trained physical protection to secure and monitor your project at every stage until completion.

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Core Facilities’ proven approach to landscaping & maintenance ensures we offer reliable, consistent and scalable solutions to residential estates, commercial properties and government departments throughout Canberra and ACT areas.

Security Electronics

Core Facilities partners with industry-leading security technology experts to provide high-quality CCTV products for every installation.

Manpower Security

Core Facilities trained, workforce sets the benchmark for Canberra, and the ACT region by providing the highest level of customer service and accurate completion of tasks with minimal disruptions.