Shopping Centres – Specialised solutions
for high-traffic retail centres.

Shopping Centres

We understand that managing a shopping centre is a complex task. In addition to sophisticated surveillance technology, we train our guards and cleaning staff to work as a team and provide a stellar 360-degree service. This can lead to customers feeling safer at your property and more willing to spend time and money, which can significantly boost your revenues.


Core Facilities professional security teams use progressive communication and discreet techniques to ensure every situation is brought under control in an inconspicuous and contained manner.


Our cleaning crew ensure they coordinate with management to ensure efficient wet and dry cleaning before your customers show up. Our commitment to a job well done is what makes our partners proud to be associated with us.


Proactive approach to taking care of the finer details

We go the extra mile to respond to any emergencies, big and small

Efficient tackling of problems like theft and vandalism

Strategic communication process to ensure responsive teamwork and problem-solving

Our professional crew coordinate with store staff to ensure your spaces are spotless before your customer arrives. But more than ever, our clients appreciate our ability to conduct necessary cleaning even when customers are around. A mixture of training, communication and high-quality cleaning solutions ensures accident-free support and allows clients to spend more time at your establishment.

Like a reliable doctor or car mechanic, we understand the inner workings of your business and tailor security, cleaning, and other service options, accordingly giving you more value for every dollar spent.

Core services

Core Facilities’ proven approach to landscaping & maintenance ensures we offer reliable, consistent and scalable solutions to residential estates, commercial properties and government departments throughout Canberra and ACT areas.

Security Electronics

Core Facilities partners with industry-leading security technology experts to provide high-quality CCTV products for every installation.

Manpower Security

Core Facilities trained, workforce sets the benchmark for Canberra, and the ACT region by providing the highest level of customer service and accurate completion of tasks with minimal disruptions.

Cleaning /Hygiene Solutions

Core Facilities’ trustworthy and hardworking staff are fully trained on the equipment they use and the chemicals they work with, making them more confident in providing exceptional service.