Learn how to identify vulnerabilities and
prioritise threats to create secure solutions

Understanding the nuances of the corporate, government, or law enforcement security field requires a far-reaching knowledge of building premises, perimeters, and workplace security systems. Besides these, you also need to assess potential threats and create viable solutions. Core Facilities train our students to earn a certificate that teaches them how to differentiate between safety and security.

Our curriculum is structured to help trainees detect behaviour traits and what constitutes a red flag in a workplace. Figuring out what leads to workplace violence and knowing how to prevent it is a priceless skill that we can train you to do effectively. Core Facilities’ specialised security and risk training has the potential to enhance ability, minimise injury and reduce the risk of damage and destruction of life, assets and property.

Training highlights:
  • Conflict Management
  • Armed holdup survival
  • Counter-Terrorism and Active Shooter
  • Emergency and Evacuation Management
  • Corporate and Personal Security and Social Engineering Awareness